How to repair an engine block or radiator leak with K&W® Block Seal

Leaks from your engine block & radiator can be time consuming to fix not to mention very expensive, but with K&W Permanent Metallic™ Block Seal, you can fix the problem yourself and get back on the road without an expensive repair bill. Its guaranteed. Engine block and radiator leaks can show up as a lot of different symptoms. Such as colored fluid dripping from your exhaust, white smoke coming from your exhaust pipe, a greasy film on the inside of your windshield which gets worse with the defroster on, a colored liquid dripping on the passenger floor from under the dash, a milky substance on your oil cap or dipstick or bubbles in the radiator recovery tank sometimes seen from coming out from under the recovery tank cap. K&W Block Seal can help.

Block Seal creates a permanent molecular bond that’s as strong as steel. It can seal cracks and holes in cast iron and aluminum engine blocks, head gaskets and freeze plugs. As well as aluminum bi-material radiators and heater cores. And even though most do-it-yourselfers can use it successfully, Block Seal is a professional grade formula that withstands extreme pressure and temperatures.